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    Welcome To My World

    woman van outside Oklahoma

    Hello, lovely reader! Hop in and join me as I embark on the journey of authorhood.

    This photo is from my 2016 storm chase. An hour after the pic was taken, I stood less than a mile from an EF4 tornado. No kidding—you really can do almost anything in a cute dress and flats.

    If only sassy frocks gave me more confidence to write. The path to coherent fiction was a long one for me. A confession: sometimes I wanted to give up. It was all too easy to decide that writing stank and my stories were corny.

    But I stuck with it. And since you’re here, you’re already proving those doubts to be false. Thank you! So buckle up, arrange your snacks, and start up your favorite music. It’s going to be a wild ride.



    1. Karen Meyrer says:

      More power to you – – for me, I want to stay as far away from tornadoes as possible. Were you a storm chaser once, or is this a regular activity for you? Karen

    2. Sara Russell says:

      Hi, Karen! I’m not a storm chaser, but I’ve accompanied professional storm chasers four times, with a fifth trip coming up in May. We all have our special brand of thrill-seeking; I’ll chase tornadoes, but you won’t ever catch me skydiving.

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